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2013   Deep Blue Sea


This piece is by Heidi Boldt Diefenderfer, who is an accomplished doll-maker as well as braider.  She made the mermaid on a braided and felted background, embellished with jewels… from a Shipwreck?

jill temple 2013.jpg

Jill Temple made a beautiful and colorful fish.  Made of two bowl-shaped halves that are united into a fish-body, the fish sports sparkly scales pulled through the loops and applique eyes and lips.  I wish I had a photo of the cute tail, also!

Jill Temple 2013 whirlpool.jpg

Jill made this spiral whirlpool to accompany her fish.  What a vibrant rug!

Christine 2013.jpg

Christine Manges' "Koi Fish" has a multistrand dorsal fin,  and.scales made of chevron braids

Lucinda 2013.jpg
lucinda 2013 2.jpg

This charming oyster with a pearl was made by Lucinda Harrison-Cox.  Look at how she mimics the rough oyster shell with the different textures of fabric in the braids.  (It opens up, too).

Pam Rowen 2013.jpg

Pam Rowan made this enormous rug of Ocean Waves.  Wow!  The squares are perfect, and the border is perfect… a large and beautiful rug.

Nancy 2013.jpg

What is an ocean without a sea tortoise? by Nancy Young

Jenn Kiarsis 2013.jpg

Jenn Kiarsis chose to focus on the top of the Sea for her challenge rug.  Here is a seagull flying over the waves in this strip rug.

Delsie 2013.jpg

Delsie Hoyt made a scalloped clam shell with a satin pearl in the center of her rug. 

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