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2019 Wearable Braids

braid in bikini.jpg

The Challenge for the 2019 Braid-in was wearable braids. Inspired by past fashions such as the colorful bikini ensemble shown left,  participants once again wowed the attendees with their creativiity.

2019 Wearable Braids Nancy.jpg

Nancy Young took to the red carpet to showcase the adorable braided coat she fashioned for her grand-pup.

2019 wearable braids 5.jpg
cathy winship 2019 wearable braids.jpg

Cathy Winship braided this beautiful ensemble including Fascinator, bracelet and necklace. As you can see she is all set for Kentucky Derby Day. 

eileen hat.jpg

Eileen Colligan braided the fancy and frilly witches hat

Pam Rowan braided this elegant hostess apron - so beautiful!

2019 wearable braids group 3.jpg
2019 wearable braids group 3.jpg

Jenn Kiarsis embellished her sun glasses with colorful braids. Fun in the Sun!

Janice Lyle embellished this hat with a braid and lush bow

2019 wearable braids group 3.jpg
2019 Wearable Braids group.jpeg

Lucinda Harrison-Cox made a jacket with braided edgings and designs.

Bobbi Mahler made a braided child's outfit -- braided edging to a sweatshirt, shoes, and a hat.

2019 Wearable Braids group 2.jpeg
2019 Wearable Braids group.jpeg

Dianne Tobias made a sweet velvet hat with a fancy flower decoration.

Sharon Lucas made a pretty braided bracelet!

2019 Wearable Braids group.jpeg
2019 Wearable braids Rose.jpg

Rose Robertson-Smith....

Christine Manges made a braided vest (don't look too carefully -- it's mostly backless and still in progress).

2019 Wearable Braids group 2.jpeg
2019 Wearable Braids group.jpeg

Jane Ober made a headband!

2019 Wearable Braids Peggy.jpg

The Belfast Braiders made matching work aprons with braided edging.  

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