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Supplies -- US:

          Braid Aids:

            Braid Stands/Clamps:,

            Lacing Cord:,,,

                                        Maine Threads.

Supplies -- Canada:

          Click here for a pdf of Canadian Rug Braiding Supplies:



       Includes Renditions in Rags, Legacy Studio, Ragg Tyme Studio, Yvonne Iten-Scott, Martina Lesar Hooked Rug Studio, Mad Matters, and King Textiles.


Wool Fabric:

               Dorr Mill:

               The Wool Studio:

               Heavens to Betsy:

               Denver Fabrics:

               Fabric Mart: 

               BBlack and Sons: 


               Thrift stores for wool fabric… increasingly hard to find

Rug Braiding Newsletters:

Rug Braiding Ink, by Donna McKeever:

                   20 issues, July 2006 - Jan 2014


The Revolutionary Rug Braider Newsletter, by Christine Manges, published about 4 times a year,                         2010 - 2019.  Back issues:  4 issues/$15 as internet download.  Contact:         Listing of issue content:  


Other Braiding Guilds


Baystate Braiders Guild

Boylston, MA

Contact:  Karen at

Belfast Braiders Guild

Belfast, NY

Contact:  Peggyann at

Braiders of the Lost Art 

Northwood, NH

Contact:  via Facebook:  ask to join Braiders of the Lost Art.

twisted sisters1.jpg

Twisted Sisters Rug Braiding Guild 

Brookfield, WI

Contact:  Sandy at


Rocky Mountain Rug Braiders Guild

Centennial, CO

Contact:  June at


Front Porch Rug Braiding Guild 

Cape Cod, MA

Contact:  Janet at


Bad-Ass Braiders

Lebanon, ME

Contact:  Pam at


Valley Forge Braiders (local)

Coatesville, PA

Contact:  Dottie at


Find A Braider Near You

Write to Dianne at  She can search via zip code to find braiders who have registered near you.  Sign up while you're at it!


Braider Websites 
Carol Broadbent has a website about her braid-in weekends:

Marjorie Corrow has a Facebook site:  “Making Rugs, Braided & More.”

Cindy Ellis’ Etsy Shop:  Braidin Maiden: /

Val Galvin has a Facebook site:  “Renditions in Rags Hooked and Braided Rugs.” 

Delsie Hoyt has a website:

Sarah Jurta:  Country Braid House and its beautiful rugs at

• Check out Marjorie Kauffmann’s videos on Rug Braiding:

Jennifer Kiarsis has a website:

Kris McDermet showcases her braiding/hooking art at:

Mary Ragno’s Etsy shop:  Woolenbrae at

Carol Rizzo has an Etsy shop:  Canalside Braiding at CanalsideBraiding

Rose Robertson-Smith has an Etsy shop:  IdlewildWool:

Pam Rowan has a website for teaching rug braiding:

Dianne Tobias has a site for her hand-dyed velvets for braiding and hooking:

Dianne Tobias is the administrator of a two very active sites on Facebook:  “Rug Braiding,” and “Rug Braiding:  Buy/Sell

Peggyann Watts has a website:

If you would like your website to be listed here, please email the Website Administrator by clicking this button:  

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