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Online Classes via Zoom

Classes from "beginner" to "advanced" are available for rug braiders.   Scroll down to see all the class options!
Classes are $5 off for members (see coupon under "Members Only" info).
Classes range from one-time events... to weekly sessions with Homework!

Beginner Rug Braiding Classes via Zoom
Beginner Rug Braiding:  2' X 3' Oval Rug** 


     Instructor:  Christine Manges

     Class Dates:  Wednesdays at 6:30 pm EST: 
             May 25; June 1, 8, 15, & 22, 2022

    Cost of class:  $15 for each of 5 sessions = $75 (Members get $5 off with coupon)
           **Class is taught with folded edges opening to the left
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     Skills taught:  T-Start, braiding and lacing, making increases to keep the rug flat, color changes, and finishing with a taper.
     Supplies needed
           Fabric:  5 yards total of different colors of wool.  Wools should be washed and medium weight 
           Tools:  Kit options available from instructor, or purchase supplies on your own.  $20 Kit:  Braidkin lacing needle, #13 &#16 tapestry needles, 100 feet cotton splicing cord, 5 to 6" needle-nose pliers, clothespin, safety pins.  Additional Supplies:  A set of 3 Braid-master braid-aids is recommended but not required.  Table or floor clamps for braiders are recommended but not required. 
           Handout provided as an internet download.  
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May Flowers

The May Braid-Along on Friday afternoons at 1 pm EST is a flower.  Make your flower large or small... with 5 petals or with 20... all options and the tricky lacing at the base of each petal will be shown.  If desired, a second tier of petals can be braided (see photo above right).  You can choose to make the flower continuous, or all-butted.  The most difficult part is making decisions when filling in the flat spaces between petal spokes -- your instructor will guide you through this process.

Instructor:  Christine Manges

Dates of Classes:  Fridays, May 6, 13, 20, & 27 at 1 pm EST.  Classes usually last an hour... but sometimes run over as much as 45 minutes.

Folds:  Teacher is a Left Opening braider and demonstrates techniques with left opening braids.  For Right Opening braiders, she provides a detailed and diagrammed handout, and will provide additional support as needed.  Braiders of any fold method are welcome in class.

Prerequisite:  Flowers are not for beginning braiders.  Students must have made a braided rug before this class.

Videos:  Classes are recorded and are available for 6 months with private links.

Cost:  $40 for four,  1-hour sessions.  Members get $5 off with coupon.

NOTE:  if you have an idea for a class that you would like to take OR teach, please email Christine Manges, the Education Chair.