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Online Classes via Zoom

     Classes from "beginner" to "advanced" are available for rug braiders.
     Scroll down to see all the class options!

     Classes are $5 off for members (see coupon under "Members Only" tab's info).
     Classes range from one-time events... to weekly sessions with Homework!
     Payment options:  Paypal, Credit Card, or Check/Money Order (US only).

Beginner Classes
Beginner Rug Braiding:  Chair Pad with Picot Edge
Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 8.03_edited.jpg

Instructor:   Christine Manges
Description:  This 4-session course over Zoom will teach you the basics of rug braiding!  Learn to braid a chair pad and -- at the same time -- all of the skills you need to make a room-sized round rug!  Finish with a fancy picot edge and learn how to butt it!

Class Dates:  Fridays at 3 pm EST over Zoom:  
May 24, 31, June 7 & 14, 2024

Cost:  $60 for 4 sessions (recorded for later viewing).  

Supplies1.5 yards of wool fabric.  See "More Info" button for additional supplies, or purchase $25 tool kit from instructor.

Prerequisites:  None!

Folds:  Left Opening Folds


Intermediate Classes
6-Braid Hexagon Spiral Trivet
May 3 & 10, 2024

Instructor:   Christine Manges
In this 2-session course, create a pretty 6-braid spiral trivet.  The double corners fit together to create the cornered spiral look.  A little tricky to braid and lace, but the instructor will guide you through it!

Class Dates:  Fridays at 3 pm EST over Zoom: May 3 & 10, 2024, (recorded for later viewing).

Cost:  $30 for 2 sessions 

Level:  Intermediate

Supplies: For each of the braids, you will need 90" of thin fabric.  Consider thin wool, denim, heavy cottons.  Tear strips to 1.25" wide.

Prerequisites:  Must have braided at least one rug before. 

Folds:  Left Opening Folds will be demonstrated in class.  A diagrammed handout will be available for both Left and Right Opening Braiders, but the diagrams show lacing from the front for both. 

Version 4.png
6-braid spiral trivet.png

NOTE:  if you have an idea for a class that you would like to take OR teach, please email Christine Manges, the Education Chair.  If you would like private lessons over Zoom in a technique, also email the Education Chair.

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