Past Events

  • Special Event:  Nancy Young --  Master Braider
    Sep 18, 1:00 PM
    Visit with Nancy at her Maine cottage while she takes us on a tour of her life in braiding!
  • September Organizational Meeting
    Sep 11, 1:00 PM EDT
    via Zoom
    Join us for the first meeting of the new year! Hear about out exciting upcoming online events, and the in-person braid in! Demo: Braiding and Lacing Row 1 of a Continuous Round.
  • Braided Rug Repair with Pam Rowan
    Jun 26, 11:00 AM
    Join us for an entertaining event on braided rug repair! Bring your own rugs to get advice from Pam on how to fix them.....
  • June General Meeting
    Sat, Jun 19
    Jun 19, 11:00 AM
    The Valley Forge Guild will welcome its new officers, get a first look at the Budget for the coming year, and see a demo of different braid starts!
  • Special Event:  Speaker, Helen Condon
    May 29, 11:00 AM
    via Zoom
    Join us as award-winning and innovative rug braider Helen Condon talks about her life, her rug braiding, and shows us her amazing studio.
  • 2021 Rug Challenge
    Sat, May 08
    May 08, 12:00 PM
    Join us in making BOTH "Braided Sculpture" and "Braided Hats" for an unforgettable show!
  • Donna McKeever Presentation
    Sat, Apr 24
    via Zoom
    Apr 24, 1:00 PM
    via Zoom
    Hear about Donna's rug braiding journey, her business, and her conference!
  • April Guild Meeting
    Sun, Apr 11
    via Zoom
    Apr 11, 11:00 AM
    via Zoom
    Nominate officers for the coming year, hear about upcoming events, and watch a braided key fob demo!
  • Sarah Jurta of Country Braid House
    Mar 27, 11:00 AM
    via Zoom
    Hear from the new owner of Country Braid House about the business of making custom braided rugs. Take a tour, and see the braiding machine!
  • March 2021 Guild Meeting
    Sat, Mar 13
    via Zoom
    Mar 13, 11:00 AM
    via Zoom
    On March 13, 2021, our guild meeting will focus on where we plan to spend our money (budget requests are due to the Vice President by May 1). Demo: making an 8-Loop Center.
  • A Review of Rug Braiding Books & Booklets
    Feb 27, 11:00 AM
    via Zoom
    From the 1920's onward, rug braiding books have been our source for inspiration, instruction, and appreciation. Let's look at the books that have inspired us (and fix that incorrect diagram in one of them).
  • February Guild Meeting
    Sat, Feb 13
    Feb 13, 11:00 AM
    Join us for the February meeting, and watch a demonstration of making a 9-Loop Center via the 2-bracelet method. Show and Tell will feature: Hearts!
  • Tool Time:  A Panel Discussion
    Sat, Jan 23
    Online via Zoom
    Jan 23, 11:00 AM EST
    Online via Zoom
    What is the best lacing cord? The best table clamp? Should you use Braid-Aids? Learn about the tools of rug braiding (including some really weird ones!) See what our panel of experienced braiders has to say about each.
  • January Guild Meeting
    Sat, Jan 09
    Online via Zoom
    Jan 09, 11:00 AM EST
    Online via Zoom
    At the January meeting, we will plan out the rest of the year (through June). Our Committees will present their plans. The demonstration will be "Tapering a Round" by Pam Rowan, followed by Show & Tell.
  • Rugs Food Love Drawing
    Mon, Dec 14
    Dec 14, 2020, 5:00 PM
    Buy chances for the rug drawing and you might win not only a unique and beautiful rug... but also funds for your local food bank!! Free to All.
  • December Guild Meeting
    Sat, Dec 12
    Online via Zoom
    Dec 12, 2020, 11:00 AM
    Online via Zoom
    Guild business & event planning, plus a demo of braiding and butting a Star Ornament, followed by Show & Tell -- which will focus on holiday items.
  • Artist Retrospective and Studio Space:  Kris McDermet
    Dec 05, 2020, 11:00 AM EST
    Online Event
    View the course of Kris' artistic journey as she has created stellar works by combining rug hooking and braiding. Free to Members; $5 for Guests.
  • Presentation of the Rugs = Food = Love Project Rugs
    Nov 21, 2020, 11:00 AM EST
    Online Event
    See a slide show of the 25 rugs that have been created from hooked and braided rounds across the country. Free to All.