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Frequently Asked Questions

More About Us

How did the  Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild get started?

In 2007,  Nancy Young and Loretta Zvarick hosted a one-day braid gathering at the Grange in Trappe, Pennsylvania.  That day, several braiders from the Lancaster and Lehigh areas of Pennsylvania decided to form a guild.  Naki Godfrey was an administrator at the Arbour Square retirement community in Harleysville, and she volunteered to give us a free site to meet.  

When did the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild get its non-profit status?

In the summer of 2020.

Where does the guild meet now?

All of our monthly meetings and special events and classes and braid help sessions are online.  A core group of original VF Guild members in southeastern Pennsylvania get together every month or so in Coatesville, PA -- for more info contact Dottie Pepe:

Why is it called the "Valley Forge" Rug Braiding Guild?

One of our founding members, Jane Ober, argued forcefully for the name "Valley Forge,"  which was about  a 30-minute drive away from where we met.  She felt that the name had impressive and historic roots, and was fitting for a guild teaching a rug-making technique with deep roots in American Folk Art.

When is the next Braid Conference?

June 20-22, 2024 in Story, Wyoming.    For the latest info, click the button below: 

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