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Exhibit Opportunities

Share Your Work!

This page gives you some ideas for how to share your lovely braided creations with others.

1.  Yearly Rug Challenges

Every year, the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild issues a Rug Challenge around a topic.  Braiders from far and wide create wonderful rugs or small pieces centered around these challenges.  The rugs (or, if needed, images of the rugs) are displayed at the yearly conference.    Here are upcoming challenges:

2024:  VF -- June 20-22 Story, Wyoming     

Rug Challenge:  The Wild Wild West

2025:  VF -- May 1-4    Easton, Pennsylvania   

Rug Challenge:  Braided Water (Oceans, Rivers, Waves, Whirlpools....Rain...Undersea life...)

2026:  VF -- April 9-12??   

Rug Challenge:  Mixed Media (Braiding with different fabrics or materials, incorporating different fiber techniques...)


To view past challenges, click here:  


2.  Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week

Although the title still retains its origins in Rug Hooking, over the past decade this major event has shifted to displaying fiber-art from many categories, including Braided Rugs.  An award for Braided Rug:  Viewer's Choice is awarded to one person per year.

WHERE:  Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio

WHEN:  Yearly; 2024:  August 13-17

REGISTRATION:  All rugs for display must be registered online by July 26 at noon, EST.  Most should register in the Category:  "MAIN:  Braiding."  (Some people will also register a bug for GROUP:  Braided Bugs -- you are welcome to add to this group exhibit!)

RUG DROP OFF/PICK UP:  Monday, Aug 12, drop off rugs in person between 1 and 5.  Pick up rugs in person Saturday, August 17, after 5 pm.  (You can indicate a different person for drop off/pick up).

SHIPPING RUGS:  You can ship rugs to and from Sauder via US Mail, UPS, or FedEx.  Detailed instructions available below.  

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