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New Website!

This is the Welcome Page of our new website!

This is a quick post just to say that Colleen Blaisdell and I have been working for a few weeks on getting this new website up. The old one, managed by Wordpress, was simply too complicated and code-requiring for us devoted braiders. We'd rather be braiding than learn to code!

The Wix website platform lets us drag and drop elements into the format, so it's much easier than learning to code. That is NOT to say that it's easy. Colleen and I spent hours the other day just trying to set up a Paypal connection for online classes. Ugh!

For now, all meetings are via Zoom

Please visit the Membership Page to join the guild ($20/year, Sept - June). Members get a bunch of benefits -- $5 off classes, -- up to the cost of your membership; early sign-ups for braid conferences (when we're not in a pandemic!); and going to meetings with braid demonstrations.

Right now, we're trying to set up classes for teachers on how to teach online, so that there are options for learning braiding at your dining room table with a teacher located anywhere. I expect that many of you will want to take advantage of our one-on-one sessions about learning to butt, or to taper, or any of the other tricky things that everyone is always uncertain about.

Next meeting is October 10 at 11 am EST -- become a member to get added to the email list for the Zoom invitation!

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